Thursday, June 21, 2007


Two organizations, the Center for American Progress and the Free Press, concluded that talk radio is too conservative and something has to be done about it. The former organization is run by former Clinton Chief of Staff, John Podesta. Forget free market forces, capitalism and democracy, it’s time to round up some broadcasters and legally knock some fairness into their collective heads.

In a report called “The Structural Imbalance of Political Talk Radio,” they’ve come to some scary conclusions (for them). According to their research, 92 percent of total weekday talk radio programming is conservative. In the top ten radio markets, 76 percent is conservative.

The two most frequently cited reasons are the repeal of the Fairness Doctrine in 1987 and simple Consumer demand.

Their “conclusion is that the gap between conservative and progressive talk radio is the result of multiple structural problems in the U.S. regulatory system.”

Yeah, that’s right, it’s not regulated enough. They want to control ownership. Think now…they want more ownership by minorities and women. So their answer is to force certain ownership and deny it to white guys? And they’ve got the chutzpa to call some Americans Nazis?! Of all the ignorant…

So they make more than a couple proposals in their report, including;
1. Restore local and national caps on the ownership of commercial radio stations.
2. Ensure greater local accountability over radio licensing.

In other words, “Require commercial owners who fail to abide by enforceable public interest obligations to pay a fee to support public broadcasting.”

They go on to say “The ‘repeal’ of the Fairness Doctrine in 1987 gave station owners and hosts free reign to fill their programming with ideologically conservative content.”

Another one of the terrible truths this group dug up was that “The demands of the marketplace favor
Conservative shows and audiences over progressive ones.”

Something’s got to be done about that! We can’t have Americans deciding for themselves who to listen to.

Free reign in America? God forbid! Evil station owners, who pay hard-earned money for the right to broadcast, have the temerity to put the content of their choosing in their programming! That content of choice, by the way, would be the content that earns them the most money. That content is apparently what the listening audience and sponsors want on the air, and are willing to pay to support. So if the Libs have their way, station owners will see their own version of political Kristallnacht. If the Democrats win the White House and continue to hold a majority in Congress, you can probably count on it.

They’re giddy to discover that the Fairness Doctrine was never formally repealed. The FCC did announce in 1987 that it would no longer enforce certain regulations under the umbrella of the Fairness Doctrine. So the easy thing to do would be to compel enforcement of the FD.

By the way, where is the analysis of the three major networks and 19 of the 20 major newspapers? All liberal. How about some analysis of our very own, taxpayer funded, Public Broadcasting Service?

Where are the free-speech liberals who are incensed that we can listen in on terrorists talking to their ilk abroad, in the interest of national security (legal wiretapping)? Yet we should silence American talk radio?

The most recent Gallup poll taken from June 11 to June 16 puts Americans’ approval of Congress at 14 percent, its lowest rating ever. With creeps like Reid and Pelosi running the show, ech! It’s no wonder.

And of course they’re blaming the Republicans. “Put a Democrat in the White House and maybe we can get something done.” Oy!


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

RUN, MIKE, RUN (and keep going)

So, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg quit the Republican Party today after six years of calling himself a Republican and acting like no such animal. He was a lifelong Democrat before changing stripes in 2001, but as far as anyone with any political sense could see, the change was only in registration.

You can take the boy out of the Democratic Party, but you can’t take the Democratic Party out of the boy.

He has changed his status as a registered voter to being “unaffiliated to any political party.”

He said Tuesday, when asked about a presidential run, that he will be Mayor for the next 926 days.

Yeah, yeah, yeah…and the Clintons are honest and I don’t like girls. Sure, Mike. It’s the world’s worst kept secret that you, in only a matter of time, will leave the People’s Republic of New York and make a run for President as an Independent.

He talks much of his nonpartisanship which he says helps him to successfully run New York. I guess if everyone in town is to the left of Mao, then you could call it nonpartisan.

Good luck, Mike. You certainly won’t be the first Independent windbag demagogue to lose a presidential bid. Remember Ross the Boss? Sorry, I just can’t mention that guy without saying…What a whack job!

I had to give Ann Coulter her due and chuckle when she wrote; “President Bush was so buoyed by the warm reception he was given in Albania that he immediately gave all three million Albanians American citizenship, provided they learn Spanish. The offer was withdrawn when Bush found out most Albanians haven’t broken any U.S. laws.”

The Vatican on Tuesday issued “10 Commandments” for good motorists. I hope my son isn't reading this, because I think I broke every one of them before I was 19 years old. I would put this in the “I shit you not!” category, but this is the Vatican, for Allah’s sake.


Monday, June 18, 2007


Kilmer Middle School, near Fairfax, VA., has banned all physical contact. No patting your buddies on the back. No high fiving. No handholding.

All touching is banned – against the rules!

Hal Beaulieu, a student at the school, committed the crime of putting his arm around his girlfriend sitting at a lunch table one day a few months ago, and it landed him a trip to the school office. A school security officer actually spotted the little thug engaged in the commission of the crime and turned the teenager over to officials. Are you believing this?!? He was warned a third infraction could lead to in school suspension or detention. (Or water boarding?)

No tag or contact sports on the premises.

School officials said the girl (victim) didn’t complain and they have no reason to think the hug from the offender was unwelcome.

The rule is conveyed to the students in this way: “NO PHYSICAL CONTACT!!!!!” Apparently it took five exclamation points to get the point across.

Handshakes – banned.

Deborah Hernandez, Kilmer’s principal (and Chief Commandant apparently) said that students should have personal space protected and that many lack the maturity to understand what is acceptable or welcome. And in the culturally diverse school, families might have different views of what’s appropriate. Diversity is good, diversity isn’t good…I’m so confused again!

Is there any doubt the PC police are out of control? What are we doing to our children? Yikes!

I guess having sex with your teacher is out of the question in Fairfax. Well, that’s one place…

On “On The Record with Greta Van Susteren,” Kathy Hilton said that her daughter, Paris, told her on Fathers Day that she considers her Jail stay a “real time out.” And then “very close” family friend, Julie Araskog talked about how “pretty Paris looked in jail.” I shit you not!


Sunday, June 17, 2007

I'M DONATING THIS POST (for the tax deduction)

Hillary Clinton, who, along with the other Democratic hopefuls, makes a cottage industry of slamming evil drug companies, “big oil” and exploitive defense contractors, has just sold some of her and Bill’s stocks as part of a liquidation of their blind trust under instructions from the Office of Government Ethics, according to the AP. Wait a minute, doesn’t the Office of Government Ethics sound a bit like an oxymoron?

Anyway, among the stocks they sold, so as not to be embarrassed during the upcoming presidential election, were; General Electric and Raytheon (defense); Biogen Idec, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline and Amgen (drugs); and Exxon Mobil and BP Amoco (Big oil).

They also held stock worth $100,000-$250,000 in NewsCorp, parent company of Fox News, where she and other Democrats refuse to debate because they perceive Fox as biased against them.

Smell any hypocrisy yet?

Remember last year when the Clinton campaign returned a $5,000 contribution to Wal-Mart’s Political Action Committee “because of serious differences with current company practices?” Well, they also held stock in Wal-Mart and Wal-Mart de Mexico.

The disclosure document also revealed that folksy, humble, homeboy Bill, made $16 million dollars in speaking fees in the past 17 months.

The former president’s spokesman, Jay Carson, said that Bill typically “donates” millions of dollars in free speeches to charities. Do you think you could get away with calling your presence a “donation” just because you didn’t charge for it? If I could do that, I’d be in as low a tax bracket as the Clintons.

The Clintons are truly a comedy act still unfolding one day at a time.


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