Friday, February 29, 2008


Michelle Obama told a group of women in Zanesville, Oh, where Muskingum County household incomes average little more than $37,000 per year, that they should forgo or give up corporate jobs in favor of community service. Like she and her heroic husband did.

Mrs. Obama had the audacity, the cheek if you will, to complain to these people of Midwestern America, about the “sacrifices” she and Barak have made to go to work in the community service trades – US Senator, Vice Presidency of a university hospital -- you know, like that.

She sang the virtues of going into the “helping” occupations like teaching; social work; nursing. And I guess she would include the US Senate, vice president of community affairs at the University of Chicago Hospital, and other interests where “the sacrifices are great.”

In fact she had to sacrifice the $121,910 salary she earned from the U of C Hospital before her husband became Senator from Illinois, in return for a paltry $316,962 (That’s right, that’s no typo ) after he became Senator according to the Chicago Tribune. And yet she complains that these salaries just didn’t keep up with the cost of paying their student debt.

She also complained that had Barak not written two best selling books, they would have been paying on her student loan into their 40s. Poor thing, she suffered the agony of attending Princeton and Harvard Universities and still having to pay her student loans.

She apparently assumes that like her, these women in her audience also serve on several corporate boards. Then she had the chutzpah to groan about the money she spends on her two children for stuff like piano and dance lessons. She apparently pays the equivalent of a third of these ladies’s average income for these “necessary” expenses, according to National Review Online.

On top of the aforementioned, according to NRO she said; "Everywhere I go, no matter what, the women in the audience, their first question for me is, 'How on earth are you managing it, how are you keeping it all together?'"

What an out-of-touch twit!

Yet I can picture the throngs of dimwitted Democrat women (and men), arms outstretched, bowing to her, ala Wayne and Garth of Wayne’s World in the presence of Alice Cooper.



Amazing listening to all the bitching about the price of grains and other agricultural products in the country and indeed, around the globe. And you know the people who are complaining about the increasing price of foodstuffs are the same people who crow – quite ignorantly – about oil prices. They are the same folks screaming for ethanol and buying all the crap their politicians and presidential contestants are promising. Ethanol = politics = more and more agricultural subsidies = increased corn production = subsidized corn surpluses = storage costs = storage subsidies = lower wheat and other grain production = higher prices = higher feed prices = higher meat and dairy prices, etc., etc. = …higher oil prices?

Sunday, February 24, 2008


I settled in the other night to listen to the 19th Democrat presidential debate for the sheer entertainment of it. As far as entertainment value, I wasn’t disappointed.

For my part, it was an exercise in curiosity for how many promises I would hear. Although I couldn’t possibly type fast enough to get every one of them on paper, I managed to catch a few.

I have to assume anyone reading this is also here for the entertainment value and appreciate the sarcasm with which I post these promises. Presumably no one reading this takes these people seriously, except on the tragic face that there are many, many people who do believe this nonsense…and will vote for one of these sleazes.

Any thinking person will recognize the loony and empty rhetoric. Yet the candidates went on for 90 minutes with this drivel.

Here’s part of what they promised you and me, the American people:

Obama: Fairness ; balance; leadership; hope; future; cut taxes to middle class Americans; $1,000 tax cut; look at trade not from the lens of Wall Street, but main street; create a green economy -- investing billions in solar, wind and bio-diesel; put people back to work; move change forward.

Clinton: Rid the tax code of loopholes; not give a penny to anyone who “ships” a job to another country; the wealthy class has had a president for the last seven years, it’s time for you to have a president; tougher standards for imports; crack-down on the abusive practices of the lenders; moratorium for 90 days on people losing their homes; clean, green jobs – with a 5 billion dollar “investment”; not enough roads to handle congestion -- rebuild American; end W’s “war on science.”

JD: There seamed to be a whole lot of applause for seemingly nothing. A lot of halleluiahs from the crowd on any and every key word and empty promising phrase.
Gosh, you sure don’t have to say much to get applause at these events!

Clinton: “I do not want two classes of citizens in this country, I want everyone to prosper.”

JD: This is from a candidate for the Democrat Part. The Party that make class warfare their chief business!

Obama: Every student should learn a second language … so Spanish speaking students can learn in their own language.

Obama – “Focus on solutions.” JD: Something the Democrat Party is not exactly known for.

Obama: $4,000 tuition credit per student.

Clinton – Tax credits, affordable tuition, free healthcare, secure retirement.

Scary, isn’t it? Sounds like Utopia for people who don’t want to work. A freakin’ nightmare for those of us who do!