Saturday, June 30, 2007


Rules being considered by the New York City Mayor’s Office of Film would ban people from using cameras in the City for more than half an hour. This would include people standing in line to visit sites such as the Empire State building. The Mayor’s office claims the ruling is targeted at filmmakers but tourists carrying cameras could be a target.

The rule prohibits the use of a camera for more that thirty minutes in a single location, defined as within 100 feet of the original shooting area. The rule is intentionally vague, according to the New York Civil Liberties Union. To use a camera for thirty minutes, one would have to obtain a permit from the City and carry $1 million dollars in liability insurance. The new rule would take effect toward the end of August.

Remember that if you’re planning a trip later this year to the Peoples Republic of New York, headed by Chairman Bloomberg.


A poll conducted June 23-25 by Mason-Dixon Polling and Research found that 52 percent of Americans wouldn’t consider voting for Hillary Clinton. And they say the good news is never printed!


Congratulations, once again, to the American public for voicing their disgust with the Bush-Kennedy-McCain Immigration Bill, so loudly that it’s dead. Huge kudos for the true Voice of American! That’s how a Republic is supposed to work.


I’ve never liked Larry King, not even for one second. I’ve never seen the value in that buffoon as far as journalism, talk show host or public personality of any kind is concerned. And he validates my feelings every time I see him or his show.

Well, the other night when he interviewed one of my favorite celebri-tards, Paris Hilton, I saw a reason worth sharing. Here are three of the questions he asked the white trash of white trash:

1. “What hotel chain is your family associated with?”
2. “They say you have the same name as a city in France. What city is that?”
3. “Did you ever have dinner with Stalin?”


I thought she was the dumber of the two, now I know better.


Thursday, June 28, 2007


Remember Whitewater? I’m not talking about National Geographic’s piece on the Colorado River. I’m talking about the Bill and Hillary Whitewater. Yeah, that one. The one that was investigated ad nauseam during the Clinton Presidency.

Well, I’m tired of people telling me that it was nothing. So I’m thinking as long as Hillary Clinton is running for the presidency, in the interest of folks understanding what kind of person she is, this might be a good time for a little review.

Once upon a time there was this big, dopey, hillbilly crook named Jim McDougal. Jim had a great investment idea and presented Bill and Hillary with an opportunity to earn huge returns on the order of 20 percent a year.

Jim wanted to purchase 230 acres of land on the White River in the Ozark Mountains and subdivide it to sell lots as vacation sites. The Clintons thought it was a great idea. So, although they never put any money into it, Hillary, as an attorney, played an important role in it.

This was no regular real estate plan. The plan was to sell lots to elderly and middle-class families. When these people bought a lot, they received no deed, just a simple purchase agreement. The small print at the bottom said “In the event the default continues for 30 days…payments made by the purchaser ‘shall be considered as rent’ for the use of the premises.” So no one who was purchasing the property actually took ownership until the last payment was made.

If a buyer missed just one month – happens to the best of us over a several year period – all the money paid into the property to that point became rent and they would have no equity at all.

Here are a couple of examples as cited by Peter Schweizer in “Do as I say…:”

Grain elevator operator, Clyde Soapes invested a $3,000 down payment and made payments of $244.69 per month, making thirty-five payments. He suddenly fell ill with diabetes and missed a couple of payments. The Clintons took possession of the land and resold it to another investor for $16,500. After the new investor missed a payment, the Clintons resold it again.

More than half of the people who bought lots in Whitewater, according to Schweizer, missed a payment or two and then lost their land without getting a dime of their equity back. These people were teachers, farmers, laborers and retirees.

Monthly payment checks were sent to Whitewater Development Corporation in care of Hillary Rodham Clinton. In 1982, Hillary herself sold a home to a man who went bankrupt and then died. She took possession of the home and resold it for $20,000.

Punch line? In an “amazing feat of moral dexterity,” as Schweizer puts it, she cosponsored the Predatory Consumer Lending Act, claiming that mortgage fees are too high. (By the way, the law does not outlaw the type of scheme she was involved in.)

Now, you wouldn’t want your used car salesman to have that kind of a background. Yet, some of you want to elect her President of the United States?

I guess next year we’ll see if being ruthless and mean can get you the presidency in this day and age.


Congress has voted to reenact automatic pay raises. Their pay will be increased every year to adjust for the cost of living unless they vote to block it. Like that’s going to happen!

This Congress, with a 14 percent approval rating, lowest in history, rewarded itself with a $4,460 raise bringing members to $170,000 per year. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is paid $212,100. And what a fine job she does.


Postscript to yesterday’s blog: Turns out the call made by Mrs. Edwards to the show “Hardball” to berate Ann Coulter, was a set-up…staged by MSNBC. I’m shocked!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

CELEBRITY DEATH MATCH (Mrs. Edwards vs. Ms. Coulter)

Former Senator and current wimp John Edwards has taken to hiding behind his wife’s skirt and using her to address Ann Coulter on his behalf. Mrs. Edwards called into Chris Matthews’ show “Hardball” on Tuesday to ask Coulter to halt the attacks on her husband.

Coulter has been quoted widely in the left-stream media as saying on Good Morning America, that she wished John Edwards had been killed by terrorists.

This is a misquote. And when the actual quote is put into its proper context, she didn’t wish that at all. But I’ve checked as many sources as I could this evening and couldn’t find one that quoted Ms. Coulter accurately.

So I went to the source; a clip from GMA showing the actual interview. This is what went down, and what was said:

She was citing Bill Maher’s suggestion in March that “people wouldn’t be dying needlessly” if Vice President Dick Cheney had been killed in Afghanistan in an insurgent attack. And Maher was NOT joking.

What happened was she was commenting, in response to questioning, on her calling Edwards a “faggot” (which is also a misquote) and the firestorm her remark caused.

So she referenced Maher’s remarks about Cheney, and commented on the fact that no one seemed to have a problem with him saying that. “So I learned my lesson and If I’m going to say anything about John Edwards in the future, I’ll just wish he had been killed in a terrorist assassination plot.”

If you can’t see the tongue-in-cheek in that, then buck up and go buy yourself a little sense of humor and stop at the spa for a little skin thickening. Or, take your pills!

And while you’re at it, you might want to donate a couple cans of Man to the Edwards campaign.

Again, I couldn’t find one mainstream outlet quoting her in context. Yet not a word about His Idiocy, Bill Maher!


Monday, June 25, 2007


Fundraising is a very lucrative business. Many non-profit charities pay a lot of your hard-earned and well meaning dollars to for-profit companies that are in the business of separating you from your wallet. Fundraising is often the biggest expense for some charities and the combination of fundraising and actual administrative expenses, such as salaries for employees, advertising, building and infrastructure overhead (all paid to people and entities that exist to make a profit) whittles your donation to its intended cause to a fraction of what you thought you were giving.

Take heed and do a little research before forking over your chips to some ne’re-do-well with a friendly pitch and nice brochure featuring pictures of beaming or disheveled children.

Below are some causes you may want to reconsider before you write that check.

American Christian Cause: 51.1 per cent of your donated dollar is used for administrative and fundraising expenses for “Promulgating Christian Views.” Net assets? They’re over two million dollars in the hole.

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP): Only 47 cents of your well meaning dollar actually goes to “Making democracy real in the United States since 1909.” President and CEO Bruce S. Gordon is paid $320,975 annually for such efficiency.

Association for Police and Sheriffs: Next time you get a call from this fine institution, note that 91.9 cents of every dollar you donate goes to the people making the calls.

The Committee for Missing Children: 86.6 cents of every dollar goes to fundraising expenses. CEO David C. Thelen earns $79,999 per year for his exemplary services.

Detroit Public TV – WTVS: When you answer that annoying barker who comes on in the middle of the first decent program you’ve seen on public television since the last fundraiser, remember this when you reach for the checkbook for this government sponsored network, over 45% of that check will never make it to its intended cause to “Educate, Entertain, Inspire.” President and General Manager, Steven R. Antoniotti, is being paid $309,306 for his performance.

Corcoran Gallery of Art: Enjoy the arts? Enjoy this. 65.7% of your “gift” to promote the arts at this Gallery will never make it past fundraisers and administrators. David C. Levy, Director and President, will take $677,125 of it.

Nine of the ten charities that spend more than 65 percent of your donated dollars on fundraising fees are charities that supposedly benefit children and police officers.

Non-profit is BIG business!


Sunday, June 24, 2007


“Bitter old fool,” is the perfect description of former Vice President and current sore loser, Al Gore. He has never even come close to getting over his narrow defeat to G.W. Bush in the 2000 presidential election. He writes books deriding his former opponent and the Administration; hogs enough camera time to make Chuck Schumer jealous, and makes a shameless career of just being shameful.

One of the saddest figures in the political arena, Gore still leaves the door open to a presidential run in 2008.

He’s a man who has “politically compromised the long-term credibility of environmentalism,” according to Camille Paglia of

She also pegs him as the “Phantom of a thousand accents. Telegraphing his supercilious condescension to whatever audience he’s trying to manipulate.” You’ve seen his fake accents kick in when he’s mimicking whatever type of crowd he’s pandering to(a la Hillary).

A New York Post article quotes Bill Clinton, when asked by political blogger Andy Ostroy: “Do you think Al Gore’s going to run?” Bill replied, “Someone’s got to fizzle. If someone fizzles, then, yeah, he could enter the race. He’s got plenty of money, his own money, to do it.” Ostroy went on to predict Obama will fizzle by September and Gore will toss his hat into the ring.

That’s wonderful. Here’s a guy who knows within a couple of tenths of a degree what the temperature will be in the year 2050, but can’t seem to grasp the Florida vote count of his own election in 2000. A fine addition to the stable of contestants we’re already forced to endure.


Michael Moore’s film “Sicko” appears to be resonating with people, at least where I live in Southeastern Michigan. The great people of the “Gimme State” salivate wildly over the idea of another government program paid for by you and yours truly.

I speak, of course, about government medicine, or “universal healthcare,” as is the more popular euphemism. If we could only take the Lifetime and Sports sections out of the newspapers and introduce some folks to a book or two, possibly one or two of our citizens would see, or at least think about, the pitfalls of such a socialistic idea. Or they could talk to a few Canadians while on one of their many jaunts to the Casinos or strip clubs of Windsor, Ontario and get their take on how wonderful that system is.

I have close relatives living in Canada and enjoying dual citizenship. One of them works at a hospital near Toronto. They aren’t impressed with that system. I have a close relative who is a refugee from Canada and even though living in this country and giving birth to a beautiful baby, while not insured, finds our system far superior to the Canadians’.

Maybe if our entitlement minded friends thought about giving up another 25 percent or so of their gross paychecks, then that would give them pause.

Now think of a healthcare system that runs as beautifully as the Veterans Administration…only without the outside help. Healthcare, brought to you by the same gang that can’t run government schools and educate and graduate our children, yet they demand more and more and more and more money.

Let’s hand over a few hundred billion dollars more to a government that mismanages and wastes money on anything that will buy them a vote. A government that gives billions of dollars to farm conglomerates, to produce too much food, so the government can buy it and destroy it, artificially keeping food prices higher than they should be.

A government that manages a postal system that runs television advertising with your tax dollars to convince you to use a service that is paid for with your tax dollars, perpetuating the government cycle.

And you see the Democrats in Washington falling all over each other to treat Moore like a potentate who has actually done something positive for society. The only way his documentaries could be positive for our society is if we actually had enough educated and intelligent people in this country to stand up and see them as a reminder of what will happen to us if we aren’t diligent.

The ignorant damned pandering, politicians… these people make me sick. Take some more of our money and mismanage it you idiots. Throw a few more billion dollars into a government program that will collapse under the weight of itself. Anything to get elected, I guess.

I wonder if Moore has a Michigan address this time so he can skirt the higher New York taxes. Don’t forget, he abandoned his New York penthouse address just before the release of “Bowling for Columbine” and changed it to Michigan for that very reason.

And those were just a couple of the more pleasant thoughts I had today. I need an aspirin.



Blue Dog Democrats are supposedly the conservative answer to the Democratic Party. They like to say they break from the liberal wing and represent a more centrist appeal. They come from conservative leaning districts where they have to pretend they’re not Democrats so they can compete in an election. Simple pandering, but with a twist that fools a lot of folks.

Let’s say the Democratic National Committee wants to pick up a seat in a district which traditionally votes for Republicans. So we have something like the 2006 elections coming where the Dems justifiably smell blood so they target a Republican seat. Drag out the Blue Dogs. Don’t have one in the local kennel? Then become one…make one. Tell everyone you’re a Conservative Democrat. Go for the gold and win.
Now the electorate, sufficiently persuaded, elects a Democrat.

Let’s examine where Blue Dogs lie. Their official Web site offers us their agenda which supposedly is a more conservative agenda than their “liberal” brethren. Here are some of their positions:

- Opposed to abortion
- Opposed to gay marriage
- Opposed to gun control
- Opposed to child pornography (who isn’t?)

Then they get right back into their leftist groove.

- On climate warming: The sky is falling and we lowly humans are pulling it down. Citing the usual “any dopes in liberal universities who call themselves scientists,” regardless of their credentials, who will be used as a weigh-in on the debate – make that proof – that we are killing a whole planet in this whole universe.

- On loss of manufacturing jobs: So what? The economy matures; we can’t stay in the industrial age forever. Should we have remained farmers after the agricultural age? Aren’t we better off with farm conglomerates growing, processing and improving the quality, and lowering the price of, your food? We need people to engineer those processes. People are better educated now and have moved into an urban environment where the manned assembly line is and was. We have machines now to do the assembly work. Time to move into information, service, science, engineering, whatever the most demanding fields are. It’s called progress. A lot of people just don’t like progress until they can look back at it.

- On failing public schools: Who wants that? But the Blue Dogs want to increase the number of minorities graduating from college by granting in-state tuition rates to undocumented aliens. What the hell? My Michigan, American born children can’t get that in Arizona, why should law breaking illegal aliens who aren’t paying taxes, won’t assimilate to American culture or even speak the language have it? And why should I have to pay for it? Why should you have to pay for it? We (you and I who are gainfully employed and legal) have to pay for whole extra Spanish speaking curriculum and education departments to host illegal aliens who are helping themselves to benefits we don’t get!?

- On the high cost of prescription drugs: Screw with the very drug industry that cures our ills and keeps us alive. Drive it out of America where they can pay taxes elsewhere and charge us even more. Then we can slap tariffs on their wonder drugs to hike the prices even further. And run jobs out of the country and lower the quality of our healthcare to save a couple of bucks. Research is by far the most costly ingredient in your life saving medicine. Do you really want to cripple it or run it out of our Country?

- On hidden banking fees: More regulation. We don’t need another law, we need you to read your bank statements and contracts and be responsible for yourselves. If enough people descent, banks will be forced to clean up their act. This concept is called capitalism.

- On the war on poverty: They’re letting John Edwards define this one. That means absolutely nothing will be done, but Edwards may win an academy award for convincing some idiots that he actually walks that talk.

- On Labor Unions: They’re apparently all for the right to organize, but not for the right to work. Both laws should be in play.

- And they’d like to prohibit gambling over television and internet. How about taxing it and letting adults be stupid?