Thursday, March 6, 2008


On the most recent “Super Tuesday,” as the press insists on calling it (or is it Super Duper Tuesday?), Hillary won three contests out of four (Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island) and Barack won Vermont for a total delegate gain of 185 for Clinton and 173 for Obama.

The following delegate count is based on AP estimates:

Number of delegates needed to win the Democrat presidential nomination: 2025

Current number of delegates:

Obama: 1360-Pledged; 207-Super; 1567-Total; 458-Needed to Win
Clinton: 1220-Pledged; 242-Super; 1462-Total; 563-Needed to Win
Available: 611-Pledged 346-Super

Hillary will need to win 92% of the remaining pledged delegates by primary or caucus to secure the nomination. Not likely to happen. Barack will have to win 75%. A tall order also.

Judging by the results of Tuesday’s primaries, playing the victim obviously is helping Hillary make some headway. She’s the victim the press picks on; she’s the victim who gets asked the first question during the debates; she’s the victim who has it harder because she’s a woman; she’s the victim of her husband’s presidential politics, but at the same time wants to be the benefactor of same.

On the other hand, a little karma seems to be sneaking up on Obama. After the now infamous Saturday Night Live skit that made fun of the presumed, if not obvious, media bias toward him, I think the Democrat electorate might be waking from their stupor to notice that Barack has basically said nothing this entire campaign. The one press conference a few days ago where he was actually asked a couple of tough questions, he walked away from. Hey, I’m not the only one who noticed the cowardice of that moment.

Barack Obama has told us absolutely nothing since hitting the campaign trail. Nothing, by the way, is only slightly less than Hillary has offered. Unless you call the words “Change, Hope” or “Future” substantive, you’ve really got nothing to hang on to. Change in what, Presidents? Well that will happen anyway. Hope for what, change? Future of what, where, America? That’s going to show up anyway. And if you’re hoping for one of his or Hillary’s many give-a-ways, get to the back of the loser line.

And Hillary’s told so many lies that reporting what we know will require several more columns.

Why do the Democrat candidates portray everyone they court, including themselves, as “victims?” They continue to tell the American people that their government should do everything for them, give everything to them and relieve them from every manner of responsibility.

Hey, you… yeah, you! If you think the people who want to work in this country are willing or able to pay for every one of the fat-ass needs and wants of all of you who don’t want to work, forget it. This country was founded on some damn solid principals and capitalism works quite well with our Constitution.

Be a man, be a woman, be an American…Just step up and quit being a victim!

Universal health care, anyone? Not going to happen. Not in a country of over 300 million folks living next door to such a terrible case of nationalized health care as Canada suffers from. Go try Canada’s or better yet, Cuba’s system…especially if you’ve paid Michael Moore any of your hard earned, or ill gotten, cash for one of his propaganda films.