Monday, June 25, 2007


Fundraising is a very lucrative business. Many non-profit charities pay a lot of your hard-earned and well meaning dollars to for-profit companies that are in the business of separating you from your wallet. Fundraising is often the biggest expense for some charities and the combination of fundraising and actual administrative expenses, such as salaries for employees, advertising, building and infrastructure overhead (all paid to people and entities that exist to make a profit) whittles your donation to its intended cause to a fraction of what you thought you were giving.

Take heed and do a little research before forking over your chips to some ne’re-do-well with a friendly pitch and nice brochure featuring pictures of beaming or disheveled children.

Below are some causes you may want to reconsider before you write that check.

American Christian Cause: 51.1 per cent of your donated dollar is used for administrative and fundraising expenses for “Promulgating Christian Views.” Net assets? They’re over two million dollars in the hole.

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP): Only 47 cents of your well meaning dollar actually goes to “Making democracy real in the United States since 1909.” President and CEO Bruce S. Gordon is paid $320,975 annually for such efficiency.

Association for Police and Sheriffs: Next time you get a call from this fine institution, note that 91.9 cents of every dollar you donate goes to the people making the calls.

The Committee for Missing Children: 86.6 cents of every dollar goes to fundraising expenses. CEO David C. Thelen earns $79,999 per year for his exemplary services.

Detroit Public TV – WTVS: When you answer that annoying barker who comes on in the middle of the first decent program you’ve seen on public television since the last fundraiser, remember this when you reach for the checkbook for this government sponsored network, over 45% of that check will never make it to its intended cause to “Educate, Entertain, Inspire.” President and General Manager, Steven R. Antoniotti, is being paid $309,306 for his performance.

Corcoran Gallery of Art: Enjoy the arts? Enjoy this. 65.7% of your “gift” to promote the arts at this Gallery will never make it past fundraisers and administrators. David C. Levy, Director and President, will take $677,125 of it.

Nine of the ten charities that spend more than 65 percent of your donated dollars on fundraising fees are charities that supposedly benefit children and police officers.

Non-profit is BIG business!


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