Saturday, July 21, 2007


Republican Senator David Vitter of Louisiana was recently forced to admit publicly that he used a prostitute because his name was on the client list of the so called “D.C. Madam.” Well, big deal!

I’m sure some of my more conservative friends are about to scream at me for being “pro-prostitution,” but Oh Well, that’s their discomfort. The point, as Mac Johnson of "Human Events" has alluded, is that when Democratic Congressman-for-life Barney Frank of Massachusetts was busted for cavorting with a known prostitute and actually letting the male prostitute run his business out of Rep. Frank’s home, Frank just had to tell us he was homosexual, and the press coverage just went away.

Now let’s be clear about my views on homosexuality. To the satisfaction of most folks and to the horrors of the religious right, I couldn’t care less about someone’s sexual orientation. I believe some people are born with a predisposition toward either and they choose to live their lives according to what comes naturally. I also don’t believe this is flawed as that belief, in my opinion, would be calling God’s plan flawed. That last point assuming that God knows all present and future, and all is His will. So someone will say that just because someone does something bad that I must be condoning it because I think it is God’s will. Well, get a grip. I don’t think homosexuality is inherently bad. Anymore than I think bad people who are heterosexual are bad because of their heterosexuality.

With that said, the topic isn't worth any more ink. Good people are good people.

It’s really too bad that I actually had to explain that. But I know this site has a variety of readership from across the country, and they bear all stripes…including self righteousness. So especially to the latter, C’est la vie.

So back to my point. Mac Johnson had it right; all Senator Vitter should have had to do was declare his heterosexuality and if there is any consistency in the logic of the press, Democrats, Republicans or nuts of any flavor, he should be getting a pass, based on past performance of the above referenced proud organizations.

So by the logic applied to the Frank episode, Senator Vitter should be able to proclaim his heterosexuality -- proudly, I might add -- and move on without being further harangued.

Frank was letting his lover run a gay escort service from his home. Vitter paid for a heterosexual escort service. Frank, by simply explaining he was a homosexual, was treated as a victim. Vitter, by explaining he is an out-of-control heterosexual, should be vindicated as such. And both should be able to, as Johnson put it, declare their diversity.

Do you think it will work that way?



Anonymous said...


Be assured my good man...I may give you "crap," but I would never "scream" at you... I am, however, still bemused at being called "self-righteous" in one of your previous posts :-)

For starters, let's look at the flaw in your (starting to worry me in its consistent PC, if it's right for you, it's "OK", morally relativistic) "logic." You said, "I believe some people are born with a predisposition toward [homo- or heterosexuality] and they choose to live their lives according to what comes naturally." Didn't we address the "consenting adults, behind closed doors" thing in our last exchange? Oh yeah, when you were good with porn :-) I had to say it.

Back to your post....First...if I am predisposed...I don't "choose" to live one way or another...Freudian typo I suspect :-) Though GLAAD would be proud, if you are going to use the gay (homosexual takes too long to type...sorry) crowd's arguments, you better learn their "science." There is NO choosing, my good man. Have I told you that you need to keep better company yet?

Back to your comment....Let's say I have a "predisposition" for, oh, spoking pot? Or, perhaps, I am a compulsive gambler? How about a pedophile?...I did not choose these things, right? I was "born this way." So, Mr. Harrelson, Mr. Daly and Mr. NAMBLA, you should (as society, neighbors or friends, etc.) simply accept me "as I am?" What sort of favors would you be doing for your friend who drinks himself into a stupor, risking his family, marriage, the lives of others on the road? NADA...he was born that way. Pitty...though...that wreck or loss of job, abused spouse, etc. was bound to happen. The dead or the battered spouse...they can't complain. It's only natural after all. How about that housewife who's gambling away the kids college money and the electric bill in the winter? Hey, she's on a roll...besides she can't help it! The next generation kid might go to college and break that pesky poverty trap thing...and hey...there's always the gas oven to heat the house, right? I won't expand on the sick SOBs in NAMBLA. These folks need tons of help, counseling AND jail time. These folks, and those with other real problems, need real help. NOT your, "there just being who they are" BULL. It's a slippery slope your on JD.

You fill in the "blank" with any free-love sixties or (yuck) the seventies or even today's poison(s) of choice. The "lifestyles" that result from same are not good. They all generally end in the same bad way. The gay lifestyle is no different. It is very unhealthy for all involved and like it or not...reality and statistically, these folks don't live very long. AIDS is overwhelmingly a "gay" disease. Also, too often (that would be once) these days there are children of the "couple," two mommies or daddies....need I say more?

As you well know, our country was founded on laws....laws which were rightly founded on Judeo-Christian values. I hate to sound like a broken record...but...right is right and wrong is wrong. We should not "accept" (or how about this one Mr. PC..."tolerate") this type of behavior. As you brought up God, let me quote some scripture....we are to love the sinner, oh NO...I said it...that nasty word...F Bomb's are OK...but NOT THE SIN WORD....AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH....sorry. Lost it for a minute. You know us evangelical kooks. the sinner...but hate the SIN. Nobody is telling you to, figuratively speaking, shoot the gay or the "John"....but, we should not "accept" their behavior as "good" or "OK" either. God condemns ALL of us in our and me both. Sin is sin. I will avoid scripture, as much as possible, given the one word salute you gave my last commentary. As an aside...not sure if that was sarcasm or not....?

Second, more flawed logic, "I don’t think homosexuality is inherently bad. Anymore than I think bad people who are heterosexual are bad because of their heterosexuality. Homosexuality, as with all sinful behavior, is "bad." You need only look at the "fruits" (No pun intended, really...that's know..."you can tell a tree by its fruit"). Heterosexuality, OUTSIDE OF THE CONFINES OF MARRIAGE is also BAD. Just as "bad" as homosexuality. It's the moral behavior or lack thereof, my good man. I don't think drinking whiskey is inherently bad. Anymore than I think bad people, who drink water, are bad because they drink water...huh? Oh yeah...unless married to the prostitute and paying him/her (though weird)...prostitution and sharing yourself with one....bad.

Third, to your (very sad and very misguided) comment about God's "plan." You comment that, "I also don’t believe this is flawed as that belief, in my opinion, would be calling God’s plan flawed. That last point assuming that God knows all present and future, and all is His will." God knows everything at once. He lives "outside of time," as time's creator, and fully knows eternity past, present and future...all at once. To side track for a of my favorite verses is where Christ tell those friendly Pharisees that, "before Jacob was, I AM." I just love that one...could you just imagine the looks on their faces. Simply put, God is omniscient. You are correct there.

God's plan, however, with God being God and all, takes man's sinful nature fully into consideration. As you so correctly stated, God knows everything...including, man...sorry "human kind" my PC friend. God indeed knew, for example, that I would blow it big time in my life, many times over. That does NOT make my behavior "God's will." My behavior, back to my first point and your "typo" is due to a thing called "free will." I willfully CHOOSE sin (my "lifestyle") over God and living right. Man is flawed...following that pesky "fall of man" and the birth of that annoying thing called "sin." Do not attribute to God or a so-called plan, Man's sin. We alone own that one. Hey, never mind, good idea...blame someone's NOT MY fault, THE DOG ATE MY condoned the "behavior" well before bringing God into this.

Let's get back to some basics here....there is only one characteristic of God stressed more than any other in the bible. That is God's holiness. God's "plan" may, for now, (i.e. God's grace) allow sin...but God does NOT sin, nor does He tempt others to sin. God clearly uses sin/man's folly to His purposes, as with Joseph (you know the guy with the "technicolor dream coat"). You remember the quote, "you meant it for evil, but God meant it for good." That does not alleviate US from our sin or responsibility for same, it simply shows that God is God. God does not, in any way, contradict himself or his characteristics, regardless of how we wish to blame him for our sin.

In sum, JD, to stand tall from my pulpit....we need to accept that we are all sinners. (Romans 3:23). There are NONE that are, not one. God is indeed, however, a loving God. We can indeed, through CHRIST JESUS, receive His mercy (not getting what we deserve) and solely by His grace (not getting what we do deserve) simply by accepting Him for who He is; Lord, Savior and Redeemer....and to beat you to the punch...AMEN!

Anonymous said...


Guess you were right about not worth any more post or reply?

Anyway, in my zeal to post a comment and quote one of my favorite verses, I (sadly) screwed the (very short) quote thinking about that after leaving my comment...

I was a couple of generations off..OOPS. It was not Jacob, but Abraham...the "friend of God" whom Christ cited. Anyway...thought I better correct that.