Tuesday, May 8, 2007


According to a Rasmussen poll, 35 percent of American Democrat voters believe President Bush knew about the 911 attacks in advance and stood by as over 3,000 people were murdered. Worse, 22 percent of voters overall believe the same. What absolute lunacy!!! Not a shred of evidence even if it wouldn’t fail every test and measure of common sense. If there were, the leftstream media would be all over it. I rest my case about saying the American electorate is an ignorant, easily herded, pathetically uneducated and uninformed mass of humanity that has only itself to fault! I thank God that most of them remain apathetic. We don’t need any more people with that caliber of sensibility polluting our voting polls. If any of you disagree with me on that, please write, attach your real name, and I will post your comments, unedited (unless they’re filled with useless profanity) prominently on this page. I find it hard to believe that arguing against my assertion won’t be so transparent that it will help to complete my argument. You know, instead of spending blood, money and time on fighting terrorists, maybe we should spend it on education. Someone has to introduce curricula founded on the principal that the likes of Rosie, Sheryl and Bill Maher aren’t educators. In fact, they are extremely and dangerously unaware of anything beyond their limited surroundings. They are the indoctrinated reaching out to the gullible. And the gullible, being unable to self-educate for some reason, are poisoning our culture by sponging anti-pabulum simply through exposure of cavernous brain tissue. I’m sure there will be more on that later…

I can’t believe this took so long, I’ve waited for days. Governor Kathleen Sebelius (D) of Kansas blamed President Bush for the mess in Greensburg, saying they’re slow cleaning up the aftermath of the tornado because of a lack of heavy equipment. The shortage, according to the Governor, exists because we’ve shipped most of our equipment to Iraq. Apparently, Ms. Sebelius hadn’t checked on the Kansas National Guard before opining her partisan mouth…seems over 88 percent of the Kansas Guard is home in Kansas. At least 95 percent of the town lost, and she has to be political…pitiful!

Today, Barak Obama said in Detroit that it’s YOUR responsibility to see to it that Detroit automakers build fuel efficient cars. It’s also YOUR responsibility to buy and drive one. He also wants the federal government (that’s you and me, folks) to pony up and pay for UAW members’ health care. So go see your broker, buy a few shares of GM and Ford, and get those things taken care of. It’s just that easy. And don’t forget that part about bucking up for the UAW’s medical bills. What a peach!

By the way, he arrived here in a private jet…all by himself. No irony in that!


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