Thursday, May 24, 2007


A new Fox News / Opinion Dynamics Poll released Wednesday revealed that 65 percent of Americans have an unfavorable view of Rosie O’Donnell while 23 percent view her as favorable. She opined on “The View” Wednesday that when she’s debating Elizabeth Hasselbeck, she’s seen as the “big, fat, lesbian, loud Rosie!” How could she paint such a picture of herself?! She described Elizabeth as being seen as “pure, innocent, Christian Elizabeth.” Do we sense some personal conflict here??? Bitterness, you think?

Another poll released Wednesday revealed the following: One in four American Muslims under 30 years of age say that suicide bombings are acceptable. Only 40 percent believe that Arab men were behind the 9/11 attacks. More than half say its harder being a Muslim in America since 9/11. I wonder why??? They need to carefully examine their own poll numbers!

John Edwards update:
Okay, our presidential candidate who runs on a platform of eradicating poverty has his tentacles in yet another fortune. Besides his penchant for $400 haircuts, $50,000 speaking fees from taxpayer funded universities and huge salaries for running hedge funds catering to wealthy clients, he also has a stake in the $500 million dollar treasure recently discovered in the Atlantic Ocean.

Here’s how it works:

- Little known exploration company, Florida-based Odyssey Marine Research (OMR) finds the $500 million dollar treasure of gold and silver.
- Biggest shareholder of OMR: New York-based Fortress Investments, a private equity and hedge fund manager.
- Senior advisor and major investor in Fortress Investments: John Edwards.
- 9.9 percent owner of OMR: Drawbridge Global Macro Fund.
- Investor in Drawbridge Global Macro Fund: John Edwards.



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