Sunday, May 20, 2007


I thought I was done thinking about Jimmy Carter after venting on yesterday’s blog, but the most irrelevant ex-President of the 20th century opened his loveable heart to us again with this assessment of the current Administration: In an interview with the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette on Saturday he said “as far as the adverse impact on the nation around the world, this administration has been the worst in history.” Fare enough. It doesn’t matter what I care of his assessment, I’m no great George Bush fan either. But this kind of stuff coming from an ex-U.S. President about a current administration is frightening in the damage it can do to the United States, not to mention the passion it helps to whip up toward our soldiers abroad!

Carter’s constant attacks against a sitting president are unprecedented historically, but unfortunately, we’re not strangers to how he can shame our nation. He was bad enough as President that he singlehandedly helped the nation forget about how much they deplored a Republican President who had to resign in disgrace, to the point that in just four years the electorate was ready for a shot at another Republican President, Ronald Reagan. For that, Jimmy, on behalf of a grateful nation, I THANK YOU PROFUSELY!

The Bush Administration did fire back this time, though, also breaking with history, when White House spokesman Tony Fratto said “…I think he (Carter) is proving to be INCREASINGLY IRRELEVANT with these kinds of comments.” (Emphasis added)

State Sen. Carole Migden, D-San Francisco, was driving her new state-issued SUV (God, I love these environmental hypocrites) when she smashed into another vehicle on Friday while talking on her cell phone. No reason for me to mention something like this if it weren’t for the fact that Sen. Migden had just voted for a new law in California that imposes a fine for anyone caught using a cell phone while driving without a headset or other hands-free technology.

World Renowned and revered environmentalist, scientist, climatologist and actor, Leonardo DiCaprio, has warned us, in his film, “The 11th Hour”, that human beings face extinction as a result of the “environmental crises.” Now that we have it on authority of another play-pretend American, I guess the jig is up for us humans.

Michael Moore’s film “SICKO” is a runaway hit at the Cannes Film Festival, no surprise there, but there is an eerie quiet where challengers to his work should be. I’m going to be optimistic and guess that the film should be in broad release before the dissection takes place…hope I’m right! You can reference my blog of May 10, 2007 for a bit on the ridiculous hypocrisy of Moore.

And regarding Moore’s film, which will get much more attention from me later. Are the ever worshiping and sycophant fans of his even remotely aware of what a Democracy is? From where I sit, I have to say people who sympathize with his socialist viewpoints - regardless of the seeming unfairness he likes to point out, and exaggerate, and carefully edit – don’t know a whole lot about the history of this Country or basic market driven economics and the workings of free markets. I suspect the vast majority have never heard the name Adam Smith, with regard to economics, and haven’t a clue as to how “profit” is the one cog, the importance of which you cannot possibly ignore, that is vital to a successful society. And I am way over simplifying this!

According to “The Guardian,” Harvey Weinstein, who’s company is behind the film, says the Bush Administration is conspiring, once again, to confiscate and impound the film and edit it. WHAT??? This, he says, is because Moore is the subject of an investigation by the Treasury Department in part for his unauthorized trip to Cuba, in violation of U.S. Law. Apparently if Mike does anything illegal, any intervention by the authorities to persuade him to obey the laws of the land would be the result of a Bush conspiracy. Do these people sound more than a little childish to anyone but me? At the Cannes Film Festival, Weinstein alluded to Senator Bob Thompson’s rebuff to Moore’s childish debate challenge. By the way Harvey, it’s FRED Thompson, not Bob! And I’m supposed to take these idiots seriously???


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