Monday, June 4, 2007


If you missed the Democratic presidential love-fest…er, debate last night on CNN, I don’t blame you. It was like watching North Korean chefs interviewing for a stint as night watchman at the Humane Society. Scarrrrrryyy! What a pandering, childishly naïve looking, slobbering bunch of stooges. And they were speaking to a live, unwitting and clueless crowd, who were hanging onto every word and promise, without one challenge. I say that quite uncomfortably because it’s true. These are the words a liberal focus group, which attended the debate, used to sum up the candidate they liked: "Looks," "passion," "mannerisms," "energy," "voice," "makes people feel he’s confidant." How about that for a keen and substantive bunch of voters?

I’ll say this for the Dems, as I did for the GOP, there are so many of them it’s hard to refer to them as candidates. Contestant seems to be a more appropriate word.

Here’s how the night played out.

First question went to B. Hussein Obama. The moderator asked “In light of the fact we have not had a terrorist incident in this country since 9/11, and just yesterday the FBI arrested three men involved in a terror plot involving JFK Airport, could it be that the Bush Administration’s efforts to thwart terror could be a success?” Obama’s answer, without hesitation, was a resounding “NO”! I couldn’t comment on that any further and accomplish saying anything more than that answer did. Then this hypocrite Obama started telling me about the “moral dilemma” of executive pay.

Hillary, to her credit, answered that yes, we are safer today than we were then.

Then Edwards was stupid enough to say “This global war on terror ‘bumper sticker, political slogan,’ that’s all it is, that’s all it’s ever been…” And he wonders why he can’t hold on in the polls.

Bill Richardson said we need a President who will ask Americans to sacrifice. Doesn’t look like he’s sacrificing too much. Joe Biden said we need to eliminate about 6 billion dollars (his number) in subsidies to oil companies. And give it to ethanol companies, Joe? He also said we need to significantly raise auto gas mileage by mandating it. So much for free markets and affordable autos. Not to mention, I’m sure automakers around the world have never thought of that.

Kucinich said that the military is for peace, and that we should use them as a peacekeeping force only. If we’re not going to protect ourselves, Dennis, than why have a military? He then said he was going to “create millions of new jobs” by making (yes, making) people spend on alternative energy.

At one point the contestants were asked if, as President, they would veto all bills that contained earmarks (pork). Senator Dodd was asked first and I thought he was going to faint. He embarrassingly had to squirm as he lied and then as the topic sank in, I could see something phenomenal happening to the contestants. While the idea of pork was sinking into their collective brains, I swear I could see them getting fatter and fatter. Just thinking about pork was making them pool saliva all over the stage and Biden started to eat his chair. At one point, a prying camera angle revealed a shot of old Chris Dodd with one of Obama’s shoes sticking out of his mouth. It was gross. I laughed like hell!

I also thought last night that maybe Hillary was changing her name. Her answers kept beginning with “mihusbinbil…” I kept hearing her say mihusbinbil, whenever she was called on. What the hell is mihusbinbil, I wondered?! After about half an hour it dawned on me. My-husband-Bill. She wasn’t answering questions as to how she would handle things, she was answering them as to how she suspects Bill would handle things. Apparently she is already ceding the Presidency to husband Bill. So her answers would start, “Well, my husband, Bill would,” or “What my husband, Bill did.”

John Edwards said he’ll make college free for anyone who graduates from high school and works ten hours a week. And not one challenge from the room. Wow!

What a night from the “Okay, I’ll give you that too” bunch.

The one promise I’m absolutely sure they will keep, if one of them wins the office, is that they will raise taxes.

On another note:
We shouldn’t be surprised that the New York Times ran the terrorist plot story on page 37 Sunday. The front page was devoted to poor people in India making bricks. No shit!!!!


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