Saturday, June 9, 2007


I was going to write about the Republican debate today, but got sidetracked by breaking news the whole world has been waiting for. I picked on the Democrats and their pitiful love fest with the CNN crew the other night, and even picked on the (carefully selected) audience and their reactions. In fairness, I will get to the Republicans and my thoughts about those geniuses…Just not today.

Now with that out of the way, here goes:

For the rest of our lives, we undoubtedly will remember what we were doing when we heard that Paris Hilton was being sent back to jail!

As I write this: In the background a talk show is airing on my television set where five people are literally shouting a so-called debate on the philosophical ramifications of the Paris Hilton saga.

I’m sure the Nation is a safer place tonight with Paris Hilton behind bars. I know what some of you are thinking….how can a heinous criminal like Ms. Hilton almost escape the long arm of the law and its crack L.A. justice system? This judicial network, after all, is the same one that saw justice through for the families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Lyle Goldman. The same justice system that made sure O. J. Simpson was not wrongfully accused of murder (sic).

I don’t know about you, but I’m having a ball with this Paris Hilton stuff. Don’t care, never did, never will care about Paris. But damn, the pundits, most of whom purport to care very little about the story, are tripping all over themselves, and clearly don’t have enough air time to play the story ad nauseam.

Still, I have to confess, after being subjected to this bimbo’s clearly empty and messed up, dopy life (and the lives of her ilk), I finally get to see something worth seeing. It was the picture of her crying uncontrollably in the back of a Sheriff’s transport vehicle.

She’s 26 years old and this woman (girl?) could be taught about life by my 15 and 18 year old children. They could do a job raising her that would make “The Nanny” ask for lessons. My 30 year old daughter could teach Paris’s Mother how to be a respectable human being.

Best of all, this is the second time in a week that public outrage has actually appeared to have made a difference in the behavior of public officials. I am referring to this story and the defeat of the Immigration Bill in the Senate this week. Both victories for the American voice. Congratulations, America!

In yet more celebrity news, one of my favorite intellectuals, George Clooney, has voiced his support for B. Hussein Obama. His obvious deep and thorough insight, not to mention educated summation of the candidates, was revealed in his statements in support of Senator Obama. According to Time Magazine he said, “I like Barack Obama a lot. I’ve spent some time with him.” Then he divulged that he “actually had a conversation with him.” Then he said, “I’ll give you whatever support you need – including staying completely away from you.” That’s it. That says it all, I guess. You form your own conclusion!

Then Matt Damon chimed in. “I’m an Obama guy too…I haven’t ever met him or talked to him, but he’s the first person in a long time who I’ve been inspired by.” Makes you proud to be a fellow American, doesn’t it?

If it weren’t for the Hollywood crowd, there would be no easily accessible bar for measuring idiocy.


Comment from Anonymous:
I was walking in the house after work when I found out Paris was back in jail. lol

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Anonymous said...

I was walking in the house after work when I found out Paris was back in jail. lol