Sunday, June 10, 2007


I finally got around to watching the Republican Presidential Candidates’ debate on CNN. It was another horribly scripted meeting of the ten current “contestants” who faced a lot of very stupid questions from the likes of Wolf Blitzer. Here’s how it generally went down:

First of all, so few people are interested in this circus at this early stage of the contest, with so many contestants, that the exercise seems nearly unproductive.

As in the Democrats’ debate, there were several dozen ordinary “undecided” voters in the audience to question the contestants after the stupid barrage of queries from Blitzer and Co. The people in the audience may or may not have been the same type of BB brains that were sitting in the Democratic debate audience. This group’s questions certainly weren’t as emotional, therefore allowing them to be more substantive and educated. But we got to hear from a couple of people who’s level of knowledge about what goes on in our Country appeared a little low, to the point that maybe they shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Yikes!

The only female Republican Candidate, Sen. Ron Paul, made my teeth hurt with his whiny answers. Gov. Mike Huckabee invoked Ronald Reagan four times in one answer. Rep. Tom Tancredo, who said he would be delusional to think he could win the presidency, still insisted on helping to clutter up the stage. He invoked Benjamin Franklin. Now that’s reaching a long way back to find someone who agrees with your point.

Dumb question of the night: Blitzer asked several candidates if they believed in Creationism. I can’t imagine for a millisecond, a moderator asking for an answer to an irrelevant question like that from a Democrat. This kind of stuff is meant to belittle religion and undermine the candidates’ credibility by its sheer divisive intent. To his credit, Huckabee was quick to point out the obvious irrelevancy to Blitzer’s question, and I think he did it well enough to turn it into an embarrassment for CNN and Blitzer. Blitzer then asked Sen. Brownback “where do you stand on evolution?” The Senator handled the question respectably when he certainly could have excused himself from having to answer it at all.

Blitzer pushed the issue by asking McCain if Creationism should be taught in schools. Reaching back to Huchabee’s answer, McCain pointed out these people aren’t running for a seat on the School Board.
Gov. Romney of course had to answer the inevitable Mormon question which he handled with ease and class. He shouldn’t have even been asked.

When the questioning got to global warming, it was apparent Mayor Giuliani buys into it all, at least for the votes. But if you’re buying into something for the votes, you just compounded any problem you may have with credibility.

There wasn’t as much armchair quarterbacking as there was with the Dems’ debate. The GOP candidates accepted responsibility for the woes they’ve wrought upon themselves and the Country. They were apologists for the war and generally stood by their decisions. I’ll give them kudos for that.

Blitzer accused the Republican Party of being too close to “big oil.” He said there appeared to be too much of an alliance and that that accounts for higher prices. What??!!? Romney tried to be a crowd pleaser by harping on oil company profits but then shifted some blame to the countries selling it to us. Then he and Sen. McCain started sucking up to the ethanol industry. Big, big, suck-ups. Sad.

Overall, they came across as a serious and informed bunch, although I caught Sen. Brownback skirting questions. Gov. Romney looked and sounded presidential. He came off as knowledgeable and articulate. All in all, a crowd pleaser -- relaxed and authoritative. I’d give him the night.

That was pretty much it, at least all I care to think about it for now. I want to move onto something more interesting now that I’ve got that off my chest.


Anonymous said...
Whimpy answers? He's the most conservative member of Congress!

June 11, 2007 12:48 AM

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Whimpy answers? He's the most conservative member of Congress!