Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Live Earth. Just what we need, another rock concert to save the world! In case you haven’t bought your $99 ticket yet, the Live Earth concerts, which will take place at nine venues across the globe, will play on July 7 to raise awareness of global warming.

Apparently, not too many people are aware of global warming yet. I’m sure there is a tribe somewhere deep in the Amazon Basin that is not quite up to speed on the crisis of the day and will surely tune in their TV sets to watch the Red Hot Chili Peppers. That, of course, will depend on whether evil Western industrialists have managed to decimate that rainforest by July 7. Maybe if we keep their power lines intact…well, just a thought.

So much energy to burn, so little time. The massive concert will feature over 150 acts on six continents. Organizers – The lead organizer being Al gore – have promised an event in Antarctica also (someone has a big penguin following, I suppose). The individual venues will be in New York, London, Tokyo, Shanghai, Johannesburg, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro, Hamburg and Istanbul.

One act that won’t be there is The Who. The Who’s Roger Daltry has declined an invitation to participate saying “The last thing the planet needs is a rock concert…I can’t believe it. Let’s burn even more fuel.” Daltry went on to say “We have problems with global warming, but the questions and the answers are so huge I don’t know what a rock concert’s ever going to do to help.”

Rocker Sir Bob Geldof, who has performed at Band Aid and who organized Live Aid and Live 8, doesn’t seem to think too highly of the idea either. According to “theage.com,” Geldof is apparently “furious” at being linked to Al Gore’s Live Earth, calling it a “waste of time.”

The usual “feel good crowd” of entertainers will use nearly immeasurable amounts of energy to lure at least half a million concertgoers to another self promoting ego-fest to accomplish absolutely nothing.

Imagine the amount of fuel burned for the hundreds of private aircraft that will be used to transport these eco-minded, yet gluttonous and conspicuously consuming egos. Not to mention the transportation of hundreds of thousands of fans. They will no doubt have to use a very large amount of energy for building elaborate stages, lights, cameras and all the other stuff it takes for another self promotion of Cold Play, Keane, Madonna, etc.

Then think of the hoards of celebrities who will be making the trek in order to get their mugs on Television or in a magazine shot.

Throw in the endless stream of politicians from all around the world who will be at the events glad handing and sucking up for votes and campaign contributions. Lots and lots of private jets, motorcades, air conditioning, trailers, trucks, and entourages…add to that these people’s families and friends (groupies). Now pour on the endless stream of media that will be there for basically two reasons; for the self righteousness of it (feel good aspect), and the idol worship. They will actually think they’ve made a difference. More jets, cars, trucks, helicopters, motor homes, etc.

Michelle Griffin, editor of M, points to the obvious saying “That’s not only a waste of time but a gross indulgence. It’s just a green rubber bracelet to string on your arm next to the white rubber band that will magically make poverty history, and the yellow one that cures cancer.” I couldn’t have said it any better myself.

It’s also true when Ms. Griffin tells us that pop stars have just about exhausted their credibility, telling us to “cancel Third World debt, adopt Africans and feed the world, while leading lives of conspicuous consumption.” (the adoption of Africans is my personal favorite fad these days)

According to Ms. Griffin, Dr. Keith Tovey, a climate change researcher from the University of East Anglia, estimated that the Wembley (England) concert alone could churn out 3000 tons of carbon.

These people are going to be producing a tremendous amount of greenhouse gasses to tell us we produce too much greenhouse gas.

Why not just write a check and do some genuine good for someone? The answer is all too clear!


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