Monday, July 9, 2007


Michael Moore went Russell Crowe on Wolf Blitzer Monday calling CNN and the “major media outlets” biased, accusing them of not presenting the facts regarding his film. Apparently, anyone who disagrees with his absolutely biased and pathetically left-handed film, “Sicko,” is indeed themselves biased. And if you want to question the charges he makes in his film, you must be a shill for pharmaceutical companies. You know those horrible companies that are keeping many of us alive! Then politically correct Moore mocked the pronunciation of CNN chief medical reporter, Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s name. Wonderful, wonderful human being.

Katie Couric said she did indeed slap the hell out of a CBS news editor’s arm, admittedly in anger, for writing the word ‘sputum’ into a script. Let’s see…Katie doesn’t have a problem broadcasting her colon to a sometimes curious, sometimes disgusted national television audience. But let’s not say ‘sputum’ on her newscast.

Next year, Russia will begin construction on a 2,500 mile pipeline that will eventually help deliver oil to China from pristine Siberia. According to Russian Energy Minister, Viktor Khristenko, the pipeline is meant to ease China’s dependence on Middle East oil. The Russians and Chinese get it, so why are so many people in this country against drilling in, and piping from, ANWR? Ignorance and spineless politicians putting their careers before national interests, is why.

Okay, okay, I’m tired of the Live Earth crap, but here’s one more quote worth passing on. This one is from Neil McCormick of
In response to Madonna’s screaming “If you wanna save the planet, jump up and down!” Neil asked, “Can global warming be stopped by an out-of-breath, middle aged, super-rich narcissist in a leotard and high heels?” Good question, Neil, but sadly, only some of us know the answer!


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Anonymous said...

Before you go off too deep on Michael Moore, watch the Sanjay Gupta "news" report that set him off. Not only did Gupta make the Big Mistake (off by a factor of 10), but cherry-picked his arguments far better than Moore ever did. Strange approach for a "fact checking" piece.

About Live Earth, did you notice the younger acts were not all at the top end of the talent scale, and the headliners were... well, some very good, but old. And surely Brazil has more to offer musically than Xuxa.