Sunday, July 8, 2007


To borrow a favorite saying from author Bernard Goldberg, I’d rather do time in a Saudi Prison then watch an episode of The View. Same goes for me regarding the Live Earth events held on Saturday. But I sacrificed in the interest of fair reporting.

Here are a few of the hypocritical facts facing the not so environmentally friendly “stars” and what their performances cost the Earth, as printed in Saturday’s The Daily Mail:

- 223,623 miles. The most conservative estimate of the miles being flown by the “superstars” to these events.
- Fuel burned by a family car in one year. Same as is burned in one hour in a Gulfstream jet.
- 31,500 tons. The amount of carbon emissions generated by the concerts, according to John Buckley of who specializes in these calculations.
- 74,500 tons. Footprint when you factor in the television audience.
- 1,025 tons. Waste generated at the stadiums.
- Mercedes Maybach, two Range Rovers, an Audit A8 and a Mini Cooper. Vehicles in Madonna’s garage.
- 1,018 tons. The size of Madonna’s carbon footprint in a year.
- 10 tons. The carbon footprint an average British citizen makes in a year.
- 59 tons. The amount of rubbish from food and drink consumption at just the Wembley event.
- 9 times the circumference of the Earth. The distance these acts will fly to and from these events.
- 1 ton. The amount of carbon used by the ex-wife of Andrew Lloyd Weber to be flown to Shanghai to sing at the even in China (one way).
- Trade Unions. They have blocked Live Earth’s attempts to recycle anything at New York’s Giant’s Stadium
- “Every Day is a Winding Road.” Hit that Sheryl Crow makes a bundle on by promoting four wheel drive vehicles.

“Live Earth is encouraging ‘citizens of the world’ to take small steps: share a car, plant a shrub, turn off a light or hang out washing instead of using a dryer,” according to The Daily Mail.

I’ve got an idea. How about if Phil Collins, Madonna, Bon Jovi & Co., just stayed home!

Here are a few quotes from The Sunday Times regarding the Wembley concert:
“…few people gave a damn.”
“A fairly boring concert with equally boring participants, save for Madonna belting the last tunes.”
“…broadly middle of the road audience.”
“It did what it said on the poster – but no more. The acts who answered the call from Al Gore’s people to play at Wembley Stadium were a bit short on superstar clout.”
“Following Al Gore’s televised lecture on climate change, Nutini’s youthful rocking r'n’b vocal reminded us that politicians need musicians more than musicians need them.”
“As the halfway point beckoned, the event needed a serious lift.”
“The audience applauded, but soon afterwards was seen amusing themselves with Mexican waves.”
“… the pace flagged.”
“Madge (Madonna) stole the show…more vividly than all the preceding hours of slogans and lectures.”


The members of one of the dufus groups in New York were wearing various slogans and other childishly hand painted nouns and verbs on their clothing with lines and Xs through them. One of the dope’s shirt read “Dick Chaney” with a line through the name. That’s right, he spelled Dick Cheney wrong! I’m embarrassed for the youth of today, though they will never have a clue as to why.

How can so many of our people (young and old) be so naively screwed up and have no ambition to do a little research for themselves? Blind to the incredible amount of money industry giants -- the very industry giants they think they are fighting -- are making by being in bed with the environmental movement, particularly its leaders(Gore and Co.), they rock on, ignorantly sewing the seeds of destruction of capitalism and democracy. We are truly a country of blind sheep. Make no mistake – Green is the new Red, Comrade!


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