Wednesday, September 26, 2007


God help us travelers. The government wants to take action and force new guidelines onto the airlines to make traveling “more pleasant.”

The feds, i.e. Congress, think they can make waiting more pleasurable. I am so sick and tired of our wussy, nanny-prone electorate running to the government every time they sense a little discomfort. The government, folks, at least when it comes to money, would be you and me.

I’m not interested in bucking up for even higher fares while the airlines are burdened by another rule distraction that will surely be passed on to us in the name of surcharges that will certainly contain a little extra profit for the airlines. That’s the way it always goes.

As someone who takes from 75 to 105 flights per year to enjoy making a living, I certainly am sympathetic to paying passengers who are forced to sit on an airplane for extended periods of time for seemingly weird or unacceptable reasons. After all, I am one of those passengers.

But to go to the policing, gun-toting, menacing, inefficient taxocrats for an answer? Please, I’d rather spend my waiting time toe tapping in a Minneapolis men’s room.

As it stands, most of the problems with the airlines lie in part or whole with the FAA and their antiquated air traffic control system. Everything they’ve touched in the field of air travel, and every other field, come to think of it, has been a predictable disaster.


I figure I’m back and I feel like bitching again, so if you’re interested, tune in often. I’ll be here.

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