Monday, October 1, 2007


We lucky folks in Michigan woke up this morning to a large tax increase. For anyone who doesn’t know, Michigan faced a government shutdown and the solution our brilliant governor, Jennifer Granholm, and our esteemed legislature “worked out,” was a tax increase. Michigan’s state income tax was increased overnight and many services that were not taxed will now be taxed at 6% with a sales tax.

With the state threatened with a possible partial shutdown, I was elated. I couldn’t wait to see how things ran without the thousands of unnecessary employees bleeding us as they’re wasting away in their union protected, bloated departments.

The local news rounded up and interviewed the usual suspects to show us how they “support” the actions of their governor and legislature and how they think Michigan will now enter a new era.

Puke! Gag me!

Judging by what the interviewees had to say, they no doubt have their hands in the till and aren’t ashamed of shouting that fact to the world. But then again in Michigan, it’s normal to expect a handout.

I’m not talking about a “My children are cold can you spare some food, clothing or shelter?” handout, I’m talking about the typical entitlement mentality around here. Everyone who has a kid, craving or complaint in this state expects to be given the means to support it. By ‘given’ and by ‘means,’ I mean they expect me and you, if you try to earn an honest living, to cough up a few more bucks for them at the end of the barrel of a government equalizer (the 9mm variety).

Everyone is a victim!

I don’t care what their means or circumstances, people in this state are used to the gravy train. Problem is we’re running out of gravy makers. Most of the people who do work and support themselves in this state are on their way out of here or dreaming of the day they can book. The rest have already left. They went to the states where educated people contribute to the economy, not just take. They’re contributing to states that don’t have income taxes or have a much lower rate than ours at 4.35% (yesterday it was 3.9%).

Guess what? The idiots in this state would reelect the same brain dead and cowardly trough-slop eaters tomorrow if given the chance. Anyone who promises a big enough handout around here is the easy winner.

Our most recent gubernatorial contest featured a wildly successful business owner who understands market economics and isn’t afraid of ruffling political feathers, against our current second-term political-machine-educated, lifetime public-trough-feeding lame-ass governor. And the latter won in a landslide. Welcome to Michigan. If you’re a proven failure but still promise the right freebees, you’re elected in this state.

Michigan – Hands out America!

As if to boost my point and in case there was any doubt in the Country’s collective mind about the moronic state of the State here, the UAW went on strike against General Motors less than a week before the state budget deadline. If there was any doubt at all about the sloth mentality here, that should have erased it. UAW members think they won something, though anyone who can think and read a book, knows better. The union leadership knows better, GM made out like a bandit and the rank and file were told to be obedient little soldiers and be happy for how they stood up to “the man.” Joke’s on them. But most of us know you can only siphon so much before you start sucking air.

What to do...

Since we’re fast running out of income sources because corporations and other revenue generating taxpayers are leaving or staying away from here, what would be the logical solution?

Our cowards in Lansing, of course looking no farther than their next election, have decided to punish us who remain and ensure no one else shows up at the border trying to invest and create jobs in our state. It’s a demolition derby of sorts where we beat the hell out of each other, taking each other’s stuff until the last man is standing.

Then maybe someone will try to start a democratic republic in the big mitten.


Ps. Speaking of pandering via handouts, Hillary says she wants to give all babies $5,000. No explanation, no plan. And the dopes eat it up. I shit you not!
Like a colleague told me today; “This is one screwed up world we live in.”

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