Tuesday, November 20, 2007


In another example of how the “Religion of Peace” has so prudently meted justice in the Middle East, a Saudi Arabia court sentenced a 19 year old woman to 200 lashes of the whip and six months in prison.

The woman’s crime? She was “alone with an unrelated man” when they were abducted and she was raped by seven men.

That’s right! She was gang raped and now must pay the price for allowing herself to be treated that way.

Under Saudi Arabia’s strict reading of Islamic law, she was originally sentenced to 90 lashes. Last week, the Supreme Judicial Council in Riyadh, obviously shocked at how well she was being treated, increased the sentence to 200 lashes and six months in prison.

Where are the Libs who complain ad nausea about the possibility of a terrorist being water boarded???

No uproar about this being “cruel and unusual?” As usual, the left is silent on this one. But I suppose we can’t denigrate the Religion of Peace!?


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