Sunday, November 11, 2007


Is Hillary Clinton one of the biggest bull shitters this world has ever seen? She sure is, and legions of uneducated, screaming and adoring toadies kneel at her feet slurping up every nonsensical promise and outrageous statement she makes.

Fortunately for her (and unfortunately for us), there is no shortage of people unwilling to do a little fact checking or to ask a tough question; in other words, unwilling to “do the math.” The obvious consequence being she says, and gets away with saying, any idiotic thing she likes. Outlandish statements about the state of affairs and outlandish promises with no detail attached.

Such is the “ignorance is bliss,” duhhhhh-like life of a Clinton supporter.

To wit: According to, she is claiming her plan to tackle global warming will create 5 million new jobs. Besides the obvious lack of explanation for how this might happen, she (woops!) fails to crunch any numbers for us about how many millions of jobs will be lost to government intervention and suppression of free markets in her quest to tax our way into living on a planet that will survive the certain inevitable holocaust caused by an unchecked George W. Bush. (Every bad thing, real or imagined (or lied about) for the foreseeable future, will be blamed on W with the total complicity of the leftstream media; at least until the next unfathomably evil Republican checks into the White House.)

Parts of her plan include reducing greenhouse gasses by 80% from 1990 levels by 2050 and cutting imports of foreign oil by two thirds by 2030.

So she wants to cut imports by two thirds in roughly 22 years? But not by drilling off our shores like China drills off our shores, and certainly not by disturbing two percent of ANWR, as proposed, to tap a vast oil reserve that would almost certainly relieve us of some dependency on foreign oil.

She says that global warming is hurting low-income families (whatever that refers to. Define low-income) because one in four has missed a rent or mortgage payment as a result of high energy costs. (Or could it be they missed a rent or mortgage payment because of low income and/or misspent priorities?)

If these people had bought their homes from Hillary and her infamous Whitewater Development Corporation, they would have no equity, would lose their homes and the homes would go back to Hillary to be resold. (For more on how her Whitewater scam worked, see my 6/28/07 post.)

I haven’t heard one challenge from the Democrats on these claims and the press ignores challenges from anyone else.

One thing I do understand and believe is her call for a $150 billion “investment,” called for in her energy package. Investment is political speak for taxes. She and the other Dem candidates have all promised a big tax hike for us if they win the White House. Not many people are listening though, and the press doesn’t exactly report that kind of stuff.

In earlier speeches, she said she would pay for her program by ending tax subsidies for oil companies, saying they could afford it with oil at more than $90 a barrel. Look, I’m all for ending corporate welfare across the board. But singling out oil companies? Okay, let’s give them more reasons to not want to do business in the US. I’m thinking just about any country would like to host our oil industry and all the taxes and jobs that come with it. Let’s give oil companies even less incentive to produce to capacity in this country!

And now for a little icing on this disgusting cake. The Clinton campaign on Friday admitted to planting questions in the audience at a Newton, Iowa rally. Apparently, they like to coach audience members before the Q&A sessions on what to ask Mrs. Clinton. And what would the first question be? According to Grinnell College student Muriel Gallo-Chasanoff, she asked, as coached, “As a young person, I’m worried about the long-term effects of global warming. How does your plan combat climate change?” I guess Hillary figures if real people don’t want to hear how brilliant she is about her solutions to climate change, then she can just plant someone to ask the questions she would like to answer.

She’s all class, isn’t she?!


Ps. For the record: I don’t see a Republican candidate that excites me in a good way either. Nor do I see one (yet) who lacks basic decency like this woman does!

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