Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Hillary is hiding behind skirts, ironically, while the rest of the Democrat field is pummeling her, not only on her record, but her flip-flopping and gaffs when under pressure. It’s not too often Hillary gets asked hard questions under pressure, but during the most recent Democrat love fest…er, debate, the moderator hit her with a question about whether she supports Governor (Elliot) Spitzer’s attempt to give illegal aliens drivers licenses.

This wasn’t even a tough question, but it is for a Democrat at this stage of the game. Democrats restrict their appearances to sympathetic audiences and interviews such as with the “press” corps of ABC, NBC and CBS. Or with CNN (Clinton News Network?), MSNBC (what Bernard Goldberg describes as “The witness protection program of networks,” for its lack of viewership) and CNBC. So committed are they to dodging challenges, they have collectively refused to debate, thus far, on The Fox News Channel. How cowardly is that?

She squirmed, sputtered and folded like an accordion under the pressure. She is usually served softball questions that concern one of the many, many giveaways she promises on a regular basis, pretty much to whatever group she is addressing. This time, she forgot that Americans, by an overwhelming majority, are tired of illegal immigration.

Caught by a question she hadn’t rehearsed for that day, she was seen spewing her flip-flopping, pandering reflexive pablum. Her absolutely and insanely unintelligible response drew rapid fire from the other contestants on the stage. The balance of the evening was laced with assaults from Obama, Edwards and Dodd.

Hillary’s response? She’s complaining about the “all-boy’s club of presidential politics,” and her campaign produced a video called “The Politics of Piling On” after the debate. Egad! No kidding! The boys on the field are picking on her!

If she thinks Obama, Edwards and Dodd are tough, what the hell is she going to do when she has to deal with real men? I mean guy guys who have fought their way through real lives instead of feeding at the eternal government trough?

How is she going to deal with mean men, like the ones that head up the vast majority of countries in this world? Even creepy little mean men like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? How on earth would she deal with guys like W who don’t put up with anyone’s shit?

Of course, Bill came to her rescue blaming the boys for beating up on her in the proverbial school yard. Her opponents took after him too. Bill’s one of those guys who is really tough when surrounded by his group of sycophants (all people just as individually weak as him), but isn’t worth a tinker’s damn when mano a mano. It’s easy to pick these guys out because they’re usually the ones who get off picking on girls. And anyone who cares to open their eyes knows Bill is a bully with the girls. To listen to them, he has sexually harassed them in any way one can imagine, including rape.

Anyway, Hillary’s opposition smells blood and one of her key vulnerabilities will continue to be her tendency, much like her husband’s, of slipping into victimhood. Bill got away with it because he’s a girly guy. But the electorate has a definite intolerance for girly girls.


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