Sunday, April 22, 2007


If you were unfortunate (or fortunate, depending upon your politics) enough to have watched the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner Saturday night, then like me you witnessed one of the most uncomfortable toasts ever to be hoisted and dropped on an individual or entity… Meaning, of course, President Bush and the current Administration.
Let’s pretend for a moment that the room was a bit subdued by the tragic events that took place at Virginia Tech a few days earlier. The murders that took place there struck at our hearts as a very sad and painful punch to our collective groin. Let’s pretend that the war in Iraq has gotten so ugly in the view of the mainstream press and most of the people who are remiss enough to drink all their worldly knowledge from that dark well, to instigate a national state of funk. And on top of all that, we have the imminent disaster of global warming staring us down with all its impending doom and gloom. I know, because Al Gore said so.
So let’s assume the Press Corps was pretty down and out about all this, though they managed to yuck it up with each other between their scowling at the event’s speakers. I guess it was too much of a mission for the press and the esteemed Hollywood crowd to show their contempt for the President, to let little things like manners and just being polite get in the way.
After all, they had policy issues to work out! I’m referring, as one example, to those renowned scientists and total hypocrits Laurie David and Sheryl Crow. Both incensed at not being able to convince Karl Rove that he should change his thinking on global warming. Why, “Rude!” they shouted at not being able to ambush and level Mr. Rove with all their tact and knowledge. Why should Rove not listen to their diatribe? Instead, they wrote, “Mr. Rove launched into a series of illogical arguments regarding China not doing enough thus neither should we (Since when do we follow China’s lead?", they wrote. Well, please forgive me on this one for not awarding immediate credence to these two world leaders and what I’m sure is their absolutely finely tuned and educated opinion of, and well researched analysis of, Chinese affairs and foreign relations.
We also have to give Sheryl her due, for this is how she summed up the global warming issue: “This is, now, this is about all of us, we all want clean air and water. The environment is like a spring day and a shady tree. It doesn’t belong to any one particular party or group…that’s an important message for Earth Day today.” I shit you not!!! Now we know what keen, insightful brilliance this minstrel genius has been hiding from us.
Back to the Dinner. It was shameful how the Press Corps treated the President and the speakers who took time out of their lives to “roast” him. Even Tony Snow, who looked understandably haggard considering he is recovering from very recent surgery due to the return of cancer, was received more poorly than Mr. Bush at a NAACP rally.
I have no doubt whatsoever that Iran’s President Ahmadinejad would have been received much more warmly. After all, he is yet another oppressed victim of the current American “Regime.” Speaking of, did you hear the one about the Iranian Supreme Court overturning the death sentence of one Ali Maleki, who, with several accomplices, drowned a man and his fiancĂ© in a small pool for being morally corrupt under Islamic law? Their crime, you ask? They were holding hands in public.
Mr. Maleki and five other assailants stoned one person to death and tied up four others, in yet another incident, before throwing them into a swimming pool where they drowned. But why would the press get off their collective asses and report something like that? Laziness?? Certainly not bias!!!
But more about that some other time.

Did you "Save the Planet" today?


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