Thursday, April 26, 2007


As I wrote this…
Chris Matthews was commenting on MSNBC about the Democratic candidates’ debate, MSNBC being the only network I could tell was airing it, with both his viewers tuned in, and on the edge of their seats.

Clinton and Biden sidestepped the question when they were asked if they agreed with Senator Harry Reid’s assessment that the war in Iraq was lost. Maybe they, too, are still trying to decide who won…Al Qaeda? The Sunnis? The Shiites? Iran? Michael Moore?

With no major gaffs, at least for as long as I could stay awake, the obvious hypocrite of the night was…besides the rest of them…John Edwards.

Here’s a guy who acted embarrassed when asked about a $400 haircut while on the campaign trail, the money of which came from campaign funds. When asked about it during the debate he retorted that he hadn’t forgotten where he came from. His humble roots story is thus: He recalled that once when he went out to dinner as a child, having to leave because his father could not afford the prices. Wowee! Hell of a story…such hardship!

But what about John Edwards now, and before he became a Senator? What was he up to before the well read citizenry of North Carolina elected him as Senator of their great State? He was an extremely successful trial lawyer who made between forty and eighty million dollars by suing doctors and hospitals. He earned a fortune suing on behalf of children born with cerebral palsy. Ironically, scientists now say cerebral palsy is seldom caused by anything a doctor does in the delivery room. But as one of several negative consequences of his crusade to ruin doctors’ reputations and livelihoods, 76 percent of America’s obstetricians have been sued.

Dickie Scruggs, one of America’s most successful trial lawyers, told John Stossel of ABC News that Edwards is a master litigator. “It’s an art form,” Scruggs told Stossel, “and John Edwards practiced it very successfully.” Another consequence of Edwards’ lawsuits is that the incidence of cesarean sections has risen to 28 percent of all births in 2003, from 6 percent in 1970. At the same time, Dr. Edgar Mandeville, a revered New York surgeon says that “There has not been one small decrease in the cerebral palsy rate across the board.”

Thank you John Edwards for causing a dramatic increase in medical malpractice insurance, therefore a dramatic increase in the cost of having a baby and plenty more pain and risky surgery for millions of American women. Not to mention a dramatic shortage in obstetricians these days. Why be in such a high risk field…with a 76 percent litigation rate? Can’t blame the doctors for jumping from disciplines that are exploited by sleazes like Edwards, or for leaving States that have high litigation rates.

Another consequence of this type of litigating behavior? According to a Department of Heath and Human Services study, doctors, nurses and hospitals are less likely to report problems. As a result, “As many as 95 percent of adverse events are believed to go unreported.” What a guy! The real article! Snake among snakes! Worthy of standing on that stage with seven other “interesting” Democratic hopefuls! And the Republican lineup so far? I’m nauseated just thinking about it…

Boy, it’s a scary political stage we’re on…and make no mistake, we’ve all got a part. And eventually, the fat lady will sing!


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