Monday, April 30, 2007


Governor John S. Corzine apologized to New Jersey residents Monday, according to The New York Times, as he left the hospital 18 days after a devastating car crash. You remember the story. The Governor was not wearing a seat belt and was traveling at 91 miles per hour in a 65 mile an hour zone. He broke 11 ribs and fractured his femur in addition to many other serious injuries. “I set a very bad example,” the governor said from his wheelchair outside the hospital as he was being discharged.

He was clocked a short time later traveling home at 70 miles an hour in a 55 mile an hour zone! I swear, I don't make this stuff up!

Word has it that Bruce Willis’ newest entry into the Die Hard movie franchise, “Live Free or Die Hard” is getting some serious buzz. So much so that it has generated three times more chatter in the Blogosphere than Spider Man!

It’s obvious Ex-CIA Director George Tenet’s new book “At the Center of the Storm” is igniting much talk in political and news gaggles since his appearance on 60 Minutes Sunday evening and on several programs subsequently. I have seen several interviews with Mr. Tenet and read several articles about the book and his assertions in it…many about events leading up to the invasion of Iraq…to understand the explosiveness of the debate in political circles and the press’ contradicting views. It’s not often you see the press look at a possible Administration critic with a jaundiced eye. Nor is it often that the press is not in concert and jumping on the pile.

First impressions? Premature as they are, I’m buying a lot of what he’s saying. I can only smell so much smoke before I suspect a raging inferno!

This is a Clinton appointee, Ladies and Gentlemen, so it would be easy to believe that Tenet is pushing an agenda against the Bush Administration. Also, there are gaping holes in his story, even as simple as him saying he was in the White House and ran into Richard Perle on September 12, 2001. Well, he couldn’t have gotten there that fast since no planes were flying on September 12th and there was a lockout in effect at the White House. But the holes aside…and the holes in the Bush Administration’s statements notwithstanding…he comes across as reasonably credible. I will always keep judgment open, of course, since the truth has a way of revealing itself sometimes years after its relevancy, but this guy has a credibility that is hard to deny.

William F. Buckley’s editorializing about the waning of the GOP, possibly to the point of no rescue, sounds plausible. More on this later…


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