Thursday, May 3, 2007


An update on the crackdown in Iran on women wearing those all too sexy burkas:

The number of women arrested during the first week of a crackdown on women breaking dress codes in Iran has exceeded 150,000. An Iranian judiciary spokesman said Wednesday that 100 women have been ordered to stand trial so far during their moralization campaign imposing stricter Islamic dress code rules. Alireza jamshidi said the women were charged with breaking the law on the veil and instigating prostitution with their dress style. Hmmm….that means wearing tight overcoats and showing hair…again! Those wacky Iranian women just can’t seem to be able to behave, can they?!

Hollywood isn’t interested in that. They’re more interested in telling you how much toilet paper to use. Seems they’ve adopted a religious morality that may as well be anointed The Church of Green. Global Warming is no longer a debate to them. They are worshiping at the alter of their prophet, Al Gore. Not as scary as radical Islam? Read on. They live in mansions when not riding in gas guzzling limousines and flying in private planes on their way to preach to the unwashed masses like you and me…to belch their hypocritical gospel on personal sacrifice and environmental austerity.

This is a religion, make no mistake. If you can somehow convince me that it is less hypocritical than televangelists who want you to send them 100 dollars so they can live in heavenly splendor while appealing to the Lord to “save” you, please bring it on. If I have it so wrong, I could certainly use the education, along with many other readers. These people earn a disproportionate amount of money because common folk all around this country are so hurting for something, or someone, to worship, they’ll pay extravagant ticket prices to see them and will go to great lengths just for a peek at some of these people. We, in this country, have a very strange propensity toward idol worship! It never ceases to amaze me how much credence Americans will award people because they can sing. Or dance. Or play dress up and pretend. The idols who are being worshipped aren’t exactly building hospitals. Or curing cancer. Or educating kids. Or consoling the infirmed and elderly. Or facing down tanks in Tiananmen Square. Or, well…you get the point!

Tell me that our Sages in Hollywood haven’t taken on a religious-like fanaticism, in their zealousness to tell you and me how to “save the planet.” Aren’t we being told how to behave and aren’t more than a couple of you made to feel guilty from time to time because you don’t do enough to “save the planet?” Hey, there are a lot of similarities to what’s going on here and what’s going on in Iran! The one difference, and it is temporary, is Hollywood and the likes of Gore, Clinton, Obama, David, Crow, Edwards, etc. don’t yet have the law to back it up. But give them time and they will. They will have the law in their arsenal as sure as most of you voted for their ilk in the 2006 elections.

Laurie David says we must end the use of light bulbs. Like Rabbi Aryeh Spero says, “No doubt, the liberals are ready to add Thomas Edison to their long list of dead white American Males who for the sake of ‘greed’ have contributed to mankind’s destruction.”

And, by the way, I have no agenda to rip on liberals alone, but the sheer blatancy of this global warming hypocrisy is so pronounced and profound, it would be derelict to ignore. If you think I’m off base on that point, let me know.

The following was reported as part of today’s ABC News Global Warming Report, delivered to us by our esteemed, and very lazy reporter and news reader, Charlie Gibson, during the nightly “news” show:
“Monster weeds” and carbon dioxide-induced bigger and more beautiful trees are the cause of the misery producing pollens that are making us suffer from asthma and allergies.

This was followed by another newsworthy report about Queen Elizabeth’s hats. Equally important, I guess.

Doctor, I have this itch in a very private, nasty place…Please tell me which caused it, President Bush or global warming?


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