Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Let me see if I can describe this so that it makes sense…not rationally, there is nothing rational about this…but sense in the descriptive, even the grammatical.

Our environmentally preachy friend, Hillary, takes a lot of flights on private jets…All alone! She even sent a jet ahead to pick her up and then decided to fly in yet a third jet when she decided the jet she sent to her destination in advance of her flight to another destination, wasn’t good enough for her because “she didn’t like the configuration of the cabin.” Confused?

Here’s how it played out during a couple days last week.

- Environmentally friendly Hillary hopped aboard a Gulfstream II jet last Thursday afternoon for a ride from Washington, DC to Orangeburg for the Democratic debate Thursday night in South Carolina.
- Later that night, that plane took her back to Washington. Are you with me so far?
- Only 46 minutes later, she sent the same plane back to South Carolina to await her arrival back there the next afternoon. (No one seems to know why she did this)
- The next morning she took a Hawker 800 private jet to Greenville, SC after a speech at a New York teachers’ association meeting.
- She then took a Gulfstream II from Greenville to Columbia.
- Then she decided she’d rather have a Gulfstream III for a flight to California later that day (this is when she decided she didn’t like the cabin in the Gulfstream II according to an aviation source familiar with her travel).
- So, the plane she sent back to SC empty the night before wasn’t good enough for her so it sat idle while she took yet another Jet to California. Confused yet?
- Elapsed time: 24 hours.
- She then flew to San Diego where she embarked on another several jaunts aboard the Gulfstream III, over the weekend, to San Jose, then over to Reno, and back to Van Nuys, CA before heading back home to Westchester County, NY early Monday morning.

But she wants you to pay for ethanol production to buy the votes of her corn growing conglomerates by heaving billions in subsidies paid to them by…you guessed it…YOUR tax dollars! Many of these dollars end up in her campaign coffers!

Want to know the names of a few of the poor farmers who get subsidies? Here are a few:

Archer Daniels Midland
Westvaco (Fortune 500 paper company)
John Hancock Life Insurance
Du Pont
Scottie Pippen (small forward - Chicago Bulls)
Ted Turner
David Rockefeller

Ruining the soil with one-crop farming is not environmentally harmful? Let’s drill for some oil…Please!!!


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